Our Hydrating Rosewater Facial Mist, made from organic rose petals and 100% pure aloe gel will benefit your skin in many ways.

- Refreshes and moisturizes all skin types
- Minimizes large pores
- Slows down aging of the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles
- Soothes inflammation and redness of the skin
- Restores natural moisture
- Reduces under eye circles
- Regenerates irritated, damaged and dehydrated skin
- Perfect for men after shaving

Usage: At least once a day, after cleansing, spray your entire face and gently pat with clean fingertips.

Our recommendation: - Perfectly balances the skins moisture after using our Clay Facial Scrub.
- Simple and effective to take with you on summer vacation. Sea water and sun dry out your skin so the regular use of our Facial Mist will help your skin stay hydrated and fresh.

Ingredients: rosa damascena, aloe barbandensis

80 ml

Expires: 18 months


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